Alex Pedersen is running for Seattle City Council to bring your voice to City Hall and accountability to our city government.

Alex, the former legislative aide to Tim Burgess, is committed to providing the residents of District 4 with responsive and effective leadership that is accountable to all our communities: Bryant, Belvedere Terrace, Cowen Park, Eastlake, East Fremont, Hawthorne Hills, Inverness, Laurelhurst, Magnuson Park, Maple Leaf, Ravenna, Ravenna Springs, Roosevelt, Sand Point, the U District, University Park, View Ridge, Wallingford, Wedgwood, and Windermere.

Accountability means listening to constituents, crafting sensible and data-driven policies based on their input, being transparent about where tax dollars are invested, and delivering the basic services and positive results we deserve from our local government. No one-size-fits-all ideological agendas, no backroom deals, no spin, no money wasted. Alex will serve his constituents and deliver results.

By personally walking every block of District 4, Alex connected directly with residents and listened carefully to their concerns. Their #1 concern is the crisis of homelessness. Although more and more money pours into City Hall, we still see tents and suffering. In addition to homelessness, neighbors express many other concerns. Children are crammed into overcrowded schools. Communities still lack sidewalks and crosswalks. Longtime residents and neighborhood businesses can no longer afford to stay. The taxes and budgets go up, but the results and livability go down.

It is time for our City Council to invest your tax dollars more effectively and strategically to produce better results for our communities. Accountability fosters affordability. Only a City Council producing fiscally responsible solutions can ensure that seniors, middle class families, and all our neighbors can afford to stay in the city we all love. Alex has the experience and credibility to deliver.

Alex is endorsed by The Seattle Times and a wide array of organizations, community leaders, and neighborhood businesses. For the full list of endorsements so far, CLICK HERE.

To remain accountable to his future constituents, Alex is not accepting money directly from ANY political action committee (PAC) or from real estate developers. For his statement concerning independent expenditures separate from our official campaign, please CLICK HERE.

For more details on the issues and priorities, CLICK HERE.

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Alex Pedersen has long demonstrated his strong commitment to our unique neighborhoods, diverse communities, and civic engagement. Alex always puts people and the greater good first over insider special interests. I am confident he will be the strong and effective leader we need at City Hall to represent the 4th District where I live.
Peter Steinbrueck, Seattle Port Commissioner and former Seattle City Council President
I’m supporting Alex Pedersen because he truly understands how City Hall needs to work in genuine partnership with Seattle Public Schools, so that our educators and 54,000 pre-k through 12th grade students have the infrastructure and resources they need to do their best work. City government decisions on parks and community centers, libraries, urban planning, transportation, affordable housing, and public safety directly impact every student in Seattle and Alex wants to make sure City Council is working WITH Seattle Public Schools to implement policies that enable success for each and every student.
Eden Mack, Seattle School Board
Alex Pedersen served me incredibly well as my policy aide at the Seattle City Council, including his effective work on the city budget, affordable housing, and early childhood education / preschool. Alex is smart, engaged, and well-informed about issues facing our communities. He knows how to get things done.
Tim Burgess, Former City Councilmember and Mayor
From working with Alex Pedersen in City Hall, I found him to care deeply about all of the people in Seattle -- not just those who have access because of their status or money. Alex was always open and responsive to new progressive ideas and worked hard to see them enacted by elected officials. I’ve been impressed that, since Alex left the City Council [as a legislative aide], he has remained active in his community. I know because I live in his community (District 4) where he has announced as a candidate for the City Council. With Alex's firsthand experience in understanding how city government works, he has great potential to effectively promote progressive solutions to meet our city’s challenges.
Nick Licata, Former Seattle City Council Member
I have been impressed by Alex Pedersen ever since we met when he was the legislative aide to City Council President Tim Burgess, because Alex listened so well to members of the community and responded to their concerns. I look forward to having Alex as our City Councilmember where he will demonstrate the kind of accountability we’d like to see from all of our elected officials.
Nancy Bolin, View Ridge Community Council Immediate Past President; Northeast District Council Co-Chair, and University Sunrise Rotary Past President
Alex Pedersen is my choice for District 4. He has a deep background in affordable housing, including working in D.C. for the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development during the Clinton Administration and with several financial institutions on innovative financing. Alex is committed to the equity goal of housing for people of all income levels in all parts of Seattle.
Sarajane Siegfriedt, 46th Legislative District nominee for State Representative (former); Community Housing Activist; and President, Unitarian Housing Group (former)
The need for greater leadership and accountability on our City Council is why I am supporting Alex Pedersen as our next City Councilmember here in District 4. Alex personally "walks the beat" in our Northeast Seattle neighborhoods. Alex actively listens to constituents needing better connections to light rail, parents seeking support for our schools, seniors calling for transparency with the city’s rising budgets, families expecting clean and safe parks, and residents eager to preserve our diverse small businesses which uniquely define our City. Go Alex!
Colleen McAleer, Co-president of Laurelhurst Community Club and Owner (past) of Gymboree Play & Music Programs in NE Seattle
Alex Pedersen has the breadth of experience to tackle the big issues facing Seattle, with a history and commitment to neighborhood engagement instead of special interests and narrow agendas. Alex will make a great representative of our District 4.
Lee Raaen, Past President, Wallingford Community Council
As a community leader from Northeast Seattle, I support Alex Pedersen for City Council because he is an authentic listener and collaborator. For years, Alex has been attending community meetings, sharing vital information about city government, and supporting local businesses with his neighborhood newsletter. With Alex’s deep understanding of ALL District 4 communities and his direct experience analyzing the performance of city government, he will hit the ground running as our City Councilmember.
Donna Hartmann-Miller, Maple Leaf Community Council (former), Chair of Friends for a Greater Maple Leaf Park, and a 2011 Seattle Magazine Neighborhood Hero