Making Seattle Affordable

Reducing Homelessness

Increasing Safety

Improving Transportation / Climate


Alex Pedersen is running for City Council to bring your voice to City Hall and accountability to city government. Accountability means listening and getting results. Too many people have lost faith in their City Councilmembers — from backroom deals — to transportation projects over budget — to ill-advised tax proposals — to a lack of focus on public safety, livability, and other basics of city government. Our city’s annual budget has increased to over $6 billion, but current city officials are not making sufficient progress on homelessness and other priority issues.

Alex will listen to his constituents, he will ensure City Hall is transparent with its policies and how it’s spending your tax dollars, and he will use his experience to demand, measure, and deliver results.

Increasing accountability to solve problems can eventually restore the public’s confidence and trust in their city government so that, together, we can achieve great things for Seattle.

After getting direct input from residents and small businesses across his district over the past several months, here are key priorities for Alex — who has the relevant public service and private sector experience to deliver:

Making Seattle Affordable: The City is becoming less affordable. The people of Seattle are generous, but they are feeling the cumulative financial burden of their taxes, rents, fees, and bills going up without seeing a better city. Many longtime residents and neighborhood businesses can no longer afford to stay. Accountability is needed to foster affordability. City officials must do more to prevent the demolition of affordable housing and the economic displacement of vulnerable people. Only a City Council producing fiscally responsible solutions can ensure that seniors, middle class families, small businesses, and all our neighbors can afford to stay and thrive in the city we all love. Alex has the public service experience, financial expertise from the private sector, and a deep background in affordable housing to get results. For more, CLICK HERE.



Reducing Homelessness: Sadly, the number of people experiencing homelessness in Seattle has remained too high — despite more spending by our local governments. Alex personally knocked on the doors of voters on every block in District 4 (all 133 precincts and 20 neighborhoods reaching over 22,000 voters) and they reported homelessness as their #1 concern. Alex will use his extensive background in affordable housing and accountability to fund only data-driven best practices proven to prevent and reduce homelessness as we have seen in other cities. Alex will also work collaboratively and persistently to achieve the necessary coordination with King County on mental health, drug dependency, and other key programs so that we have a comprehensive plan and achieve real progress on this regional crisis. Getting results is necessary to provide compassion toward people experiencing homelessness and to support those on the front lines working to reduce homelessness. For more, CLICK HERE.


Increasing Safety:  Everyone deserves to be safe and public safety should be a top priority of city government. Our police officers and fire fighters need resources and support from city leaders to keep pace with the challenges arising from our growing population. The City Council should work collaboratively with our Mayor to increase community policing to reduce property crime and to implement proven safety measures to reduce gun violence. The City Council should hold the criminal justice system accountable not only by ensuring full compliance with the consent decree police reforms, but also by making sure prolific offenders are not continually released back into communities without proper help and supervision. For more, CLICK HERE.




Improving Transportation / Addressing Climate Change: All people — including seniors and families with children — need to be mobile to work, shop, play, and thrive in our city. But our city’s traffic and roads are a mess.  With meaningful input from residents, City Hall must focus its limited resources to ensure we have reliable roads, transit, and sidewalks to safely move the most people — while enabling freight to move efficiently throughout our region to benefit our economy. At the same time, City Hall can do more to leverage innovations and data to reduce carbon emissions to protect our environment. Please also join me in voting NO on Initiative 976 in November to stop Tim Eyman’s scheme that would harm public transit. For more, CLICK HERE.