Your vouchers are supporting Alex Pedersen for City Council.


Below is our previous message. We will soon update our website links to take you to the “Join Alex” page instead:

Give them today!

Here’s how:

Vouchers give all Seattle residents an opportunity to become more involved in their government by supporting local campaigns — like Alex Pedersen’s — and help keep special interest, big money out of campaigns.  Alex is running for City Council to be your voice at City Hall and to bring accountability to city government.  Alex is the only candidate with the unique combination of public service, private sector experience, and community connections to get the job done.

You need not live in District 4 to contribute your vouchers to Alex.


Vouchers arrived in the mail in an envelope like this:

How to contribute your paper Democracy Vouchers to support Alex Pedersen:

1. Write in Alex Pedersen (P-E-D-E-R-S-E-N) on each voucher;

2. Sign and date each voucher; then

3. Mail using the pre-paid envelope enclosed with your vouchers OR email our campaign for a personal pickup



Although registered Seattle voters can contribute their vouchers through the city’s website, the online process requires you to have your vouchers in front of you to enter the code from the back of each voucher.



If you misplaced your Vouchers, e-mail us at . We can deliver a Voucher Replacement form so you can participate in this vital program to support Alex Pedersen for City Council.  Or you can go online to:


Alex Pedersen is running a well-organized, on-the-ground campaign focused on connecting personally with you and other residents. Thanks to the widespread support he has earned, Alex is the first candidate in 2019 to qualify to redeem these contributions.  Alex is committed to being accountable to you, which means not taking money from special interests — and that’s why we are asking for you to donate your Democracy Vouchers. Vouchers contributed by people like you show support for Alex’s campaign to bring accountability to City Hall. More about Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program can be found by HERE.

Please contribute your vouchers today.

After you’ve mailed your vouchers, feel free to let us know the good news by sending an e-mail to We’re always happy to hear from you.

Thank you!