Elected Officials

(in alphabetical order)

  • Tim Burgess, former Seattle City Councilmember and Mayor
  • Stephan Blanford, former Seattle School Board Director
  • Reuven Carlyle, State Senator (36th Legislative District)
  • Frank Chopp, Former Speaker of the House, (43rd Legislative District)
  • Daniel J. Evans, former U.S. Senator and Governor for Washington State, and Laurelhurst resident
  • David Frockt, State Senator (46th Legislative District)
  • Ken Jacobsen, former State Rep and State Senator (46th Legislative District) and Wedgwood resident
  • Ruth Kagi, former State Rep (32nd Legislative District) and Chair of Early Learning and Human Services Committee
  • Nick Licata, former Seattle City Councilmember and Sand Point resident
  • Eden Mack, Seattle School Board Director
  • Jamie Pedersen, State Senator (43rd Legislative District)
  • Gerry Pollet, State Representative (46th Legislative District), Chair of Local Government Committee
  • Ron Sims, former King County Executive and Deputy Secretary of HUD during the Obama Administration
  • Peter Steinbrueck, Seattle Port Commissioner and former Seattle City Councilmember, and Ravenna resident
  • Javier Valdez, State Representative (46th Legislative District)

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Community Leaders and others

  • Russ and Jean Amick, Laurelhurst
  • Cyrus Appell, Wallingford
  • Donna Batch, former HUD-Seattle official under President Obama, and Roosevelt resident
  • Judy Bendich, Ravenna
  • Jim Bentley, President of the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce *
  • Miranda Berner, former President of the Wallingford Community Council *
  • Nancy Bolin, View Ridge Community Council *
  • Bill Bradburd, former head of the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition *
  • Stephen Burr, Wallingford
  • Linda Cahill, Roosevelt
  • Doug Campbell, co-owner of Bulldog News in U District
  • Thomas J. Carroll, View Ridge and President of IAM Local Lodge 289
  • Donn Cave, Wallingford
  • Stacy Carter, Maple Leaf
  • Sharon Chamberlain
  • Steve and Kathy Clarke
  • Linda Clifton, East Fremont
  • John (“Jack”) Collins, Hawthorne Hills resident and a Deputy Mayor for Charles Royer
  • Amy Colyn, Roosevelt
  • Elliot Curtis, Bryant
  • Ignacio De La Fuente
  • Tony Diaz
  • Dr. Marc DiJulio, Wedgwood
  • Mary Pat DiLeva
  • Darby DuComb, Wedgwood and former D-4 candidate
  • Kate Dulemba, Eastlake
  • Maureen Ewing, U District / U Heights Community Center *
  • Shelly Farber, Hawthorne Hills
  • Buck Ferguson, Laurelhurst
  • Patricia Finlayson, Ravenna
  • Matt Fox, U District
  • Thomas Gaffney, Wedgwood
  • Kathryn Gardow, Laurelhurst and former D-4 candidate
  • Sarah Garland
  • Mary Jo Gasparich, Laurelhurst
  • Gabrielle Gerhard, Sand Point and Magnuson Park Advisory Committee*
  • Dan Gebler, Fremont
  • Beth Goldberg, Bryant and former Seattle Budget Director
  • Dan Goldgeier, Roosevelt
  • Matt Hallett
  • Alexa Halling, Wallingford and former chair 43rd District Democrats *
  • Judith Hance, View Ridge
  • Lois Hanson, Bryant
  • Dean Hardwick, Hardwick & Sons (Hardwick’s Hardware Store)
  • Donna Hartmann-Miller, former leader of Maple Leaf Community Council *
  • Dana Hurley, Laurelhurst
  • Jules James, Eastlake leader and former shopkeeper (Lake Union Mail)
  • Mark Johahnson, Wallingford
  • Rebecca Johnson, Bryant
  • Thomas Kelly, Hawthorne Hills
  • Diana Kincaid, View Ridge
  • Jon and Darbie Kirk, Laurelhurst
  • Michael Kleiner, Hawthorne Hills
  • Edward Knappe, Ravenna
  • Taso Lagos, former owner of Continental restaurant in U District and former D-4 candidate
  • Aileen Langhans, University Park Community Club *
  • Michael Lapin
  • Jeanne Legault
  • Brian Lloyd
  • Sara Marckx Russell
  • Rita Martinez, Ravenna
  • Aiden Mathis, Sand Point
  • Chris Maykut, former owner of Chaco Canyon restaurant in U District
  • Colleen McAleer, Laurelhurst Community Club *
  • Rick McLaughlin, owner of Big Time Brewery in U District
  • Jody Moon, Hawthorne Hills
  • Joshua Morris, Environmentalist
  • Tim Motzer
  • Beverly Murphy, Wedgwood
  • Lhorna Murray, Sand Point and Magnuson Community Advisory Committee *
  • Dean Nielsen, View Ridge
  • Gayle Nowicki, Maple Leaf and owner of Gargoyle Statuary in U District
  • Jim O’Halloran, Roosevelt
  • Aina Oyewole-Williams, owner of The Ride in Eastlake
  • Lyn Pak, Cowen Park Grocery
  • Donna Peha
  • Roger Pence
  • Andrea Perr, U District and North Precinct Advisory Council (Police) *
  • Kathy Price, Eastlake
  • Tony Provine, former President of Ravenna Bryant Community Association * and former D-4 candidate
  • Lee Raaen, Wallingford Chamber of Commerce * and Wallingford Community Council *
  • Jennifer Ring-Perez, Wallingford
  • Ruedi Risler, University Park Community Club *
  • Jack Robinson, Wedgwood
  • Travis Rosenthal, local owner of Sand Point Grill and Agua Verde restaurants *
  • Julianna Ross, Wedgwood and champion for arts and cultural programs
  • Jim Rupp, Laurelhurst
  • Rudi Schmidt, Sand Point
  • Gloria Seborg, co-owner of Bulldog News in the U District
  • Dr. Jill Sells, Wedgwood
  • Phil Shack, Northeast Seattle
  • Constance Sidles, Laurelhurst resident, master birder, and former Seattle School Board director
  • Sarajane Siegfriedt, 46th District Dems
  • Glenn Singer, Wallingford
  • Carl Slater, Historic Wallingford * and 43rd District Dems*
  • Robin Smith, owner of the Trading Musician in the U District
  • Chris Stetkiewicz, Bryant
  • Maggie Sweeney, Candy Cane Lane
  • Kevin Topping, Bryant and organizer of North Seattle Chamber of Commerce *
  • Toby Thaler, Fremont — and too many organizations to list
  • Carol Valdrighi, Sand Point
  • Alexander Valenti Eichenbaum, Lake Union Mail in Eastlake
  • Christa Valles, Bryant and former City Council central staff analyst
  • Cara Vallier, Ravenna
  • Dana Visser, Wedgwood
  • Irene Wall, Phinney Ridge
  • David Ward, Ravenna
  • Laura Wells, Laurelhurst and former head of Fight Crime-Invest in Kids
  • Melissa Westbrook, formerly of Ravenna and public schools advocate
  • Patty Whisler, Hawthorne Hills
  • Jack Whisner
  • Bonnie Williams, Wallingford
  • Steve Zemke, leader of TreePAC*

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* organization named for identification purposes (does not mean endorsement by that organization)

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We are proud to have been the first campaign to qualify for Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program and have received the most vouchers from residents in our District 4. While we encourage investment in Seattle, to support accountability and avoid any appearance of conflicts of interest, we are not accepting donations from corporations, PACs, or real estate developers. Thank you.

Alex Pedersen has long demonstrated his strong commitment to our unique neighborhoods, diverse communities, and civic engagement. Alex always puts people and the greater good first over insider special interests. I am confident he will be the strong and effective leader we need at City Hall to represent the 4th District where I live.
Peter Steinbrueck, Seattle Port Commissioner and former Seattle City Council President
I’m supporting Alex Pedersen because he truly understands how City Hall needs to work in genuine partnership with Seattle Public Schools, so that our educators and 54,000 pre-k through 12th grade students have the infrastructure and resources they need to do their best work. City government decisions on parks and community centers, libraries, urban planning, transportation, affordable housing, and public safety directly impact every student in Seattle and Alex wants to make sure City Council is working WITH Seattle Public Schools to implement policies that enable success for each and every student.
Eden Mack, Seattle School Board
Alex Pedersen served me incredibly well as my policy aide at the Seattle City Council, including his effective work on the city budget, affordable housing, and early childhood education / preschool. Alex is smart, engaged, and well-informed about issues facing our communities. He knows how to get things done.
Tim Burgess, Former City Councilmember and Mayor
From working with Alex Pedersen in City Hall, I found him to care deeply about all of the people in Seattle -- not just those who have access because of their status or money. Alex was always open and responsive to new progressive ideas and worked hard to see them enacted by elected officials. I’ve been impressed that, since Alex left the City Council [as a legislative aide], he has remained active in his community. I know because I live in his community (District 4) where he has announced as a candidate for the City Council. With Alex's firsthand experience in understanding how city government works, he has great potential to effectively promote progressive solutions to meet our city’s challenges.
Nick Licata, Former Seattle City Council Member
I have been impressed by Alex Pedersen ever since we met when he was the legislative aide to City Council President Tim Burgess, because Alex listened so well to members of the community and responded to their concerns. I look forward to having Alex as our City Councilmember where he will demonstrate the kind of accountability we’d like to see from all of our elected officials.
Nancy Bolin, View Ridge Community Council Immediate Past President; Northeast District Council Co-Chair, and University Sunrise Rotary Past President
The need for greater leadership and accountability on our City Council is why I am supporting Alex Pedersen as our next City Councilmember here in District 4. Alex personally "walks the beat" in our Northeast Seattle neighborhoods. Alex actively listens to constituents needing better connections to light rail, parents seeking support for our schools, seniors calling for transparency with the city’s rising budgets, families expecting clean and safe parks, and residents eager to preserve our diverse small businesses which uniquely define our City. Go Alex!
Colleen McAleer, Co-president of Laurelhurst Community Club and Owner (past) of Gymboree Play & Music Programs in NE Seattle
As a community leader from Northeast Seattle, I support Alex Pedersen for City Council because he is an authentic listener and collaborator. For years, Alex has been attending community meetings, sharing vital information about city government, and supporting local businesses with his neighborhood newsletter. With Alex’s deep understanding of ALL District 4 communities and his direct experience analyzing the performance of city government, he will hit the ground running as our City Councilmember.
Donna Hartmann-Miller, Maple Leaf Community Council (former), Chair of Friends for a Greater Maple Leaf Park, and a 2011 Seattle Magazine Neighborhood Hero
Alex Pedersen has the breadth of experience to tackle the big issues facing Seattle, with a history and commitment to neighborhood engagement instead of special interests and narrow agendas. Alex will make a great representative of our District 4.
Lee Raaen, Past President, Wallingford Community Council
Alex Pedersen is my choice for District 4. He has a deep background in affordable housing, including working in D.C. for the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development during the Clinton Administration and with several financial institutions on innovative financing. Alex is committed to the equity goal of housing for people of all income levels in all parts of Seattle.
Sarajane Siegfriedt, 46th Legislative District nominee for State Representative (former); Community Housing Activist; and President, Unitarian Housing Group (former)