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Seattle Times primary election coverage

District 4 (Northeast Seattle): Pedersen, a former council aide, held a commanding lead with 45%, followed by Democratic Socialist Shaun Scott with 19%. Safe-streets advocate Cathy Tuttle and scientist Emily Myers trailed with 13% and 11%, respectively. There were 10 candidates. … Read More

Seattle Times
Seattle Times Endorses Alex Pedersen

"Voters need to choose the one most capable of serving District 4 and residents across the city. Hands down that is Alex Pedersen, who has years of experience serving the public and helping cities produce affordable housing...[His] blend of public and private experience, and deep knowledge of what Seattle can do to produce housing and secure funding for its homeless response, makes Pedersen one of the best candidates among all seven open council races this year." … Read More

Pedersen leads pack with listening, accountability, and homelessness response

"[Pedersen's] message seems to be working: He's raised the most money, and even his opponents largely acknowledge that Pedersen is leading the pack. During a recent afternoon door-belling in Wedgwood, the support he received from residents was near unanimous. Their skepticism of a solicitor on their doorstep often vanished at the mention of the city council and the pledge to hold its members more accountable." … Read More