The Seattle Times
Homelessness: Invest in what works

As someone who has worked on affordable-housing issues in the private and public sectors for 20 years, I sincerely appreciate the “Project Homeless” series. Articles that delve into lessons learned from national experts and officials from other cities as well as digging deeply into existing studies free us from Seattle’s echo chamber. They show that what’s missing in Seattle is not a new idea or community compassion but rather accountability coupled with the fiscal discipline to invest only in strategies already reducing homelessness. … Read More

Seattle Weekly
How to make a Real Difference in Seattle

As Tim Burgess’s service as an elected official came to an end late last year, I heard many city leaders expressing gratitude for my former boss. They listed his accomplishments during his brief service as mayor and his more considerable time as a member and then president of the Seattle City Council. I believe I was not the only person reflecting on what it means “to make a real difference” in city government. The answer could be a powerful guide for our new mayor as she enters the New Year. … Read More