King 5 TV News
“Drinks (water) with Daniels” interview at Magnuson Park

Alex sat down with KING 5's Chris Daniels at Magnuson Park Community Center to discuss what he hears from thousands of voters when door-knocking throughout District 4 — and what Alex believes a new City Council must focus on: reducing homelessness and delivering sensible city government. … Read More

KIRO 7 TV News
United against hateful vandalism

"Racism and hate should have no place in Seattle or anywhere. I condemn any racist and hateful comments and actions directed toward anyone. People may differ strongly on policy issues, but we must be united in rejecting racism and hate" … Read More

Press Release
Alex Pedersen Statement Supporting Protests of Unprecedented PAC Spending

Let me be clear: the big money from PACs is absolutely NOT needed or welcome because doorbelling, professional experience, and a focus on results are what really matter to voters -- instead of excessive ads or negative attacks. For the record, I have not been accepting any money directly from any PAC, company, or real estate developers and I encourage all candidates to return the PAC money they have received . … Read More

Seattle Times
Seattle Times primary election coverage

District 4 (Northeast Seattle): Pedersen, a former council aide, held a commanding lead with 45%, followed by Democratic Socialist Shaun Scott with 19%. Safe-streets advocate Cathy Tuttle and scientist Emily Myers trailed with 13% and 11%, respectively. There were 10 candidates. … Read More