Press Release
Pedersen Urges City Council To Appoint Experienced “Caretaker” with Strong Financial Skills to Ensure $6 Billion Budget is Accountable to Residents and Reduces Homelessness

"The most important job for the caretaker Councilmember during the next seven months is to ensure the city's $6 billion budget is analyzed and amended to produce the best results for residents, which must include reducing homelessness. Instead of using political litmus tests and backroom pledges of loyalty, I urge the City Council to appoint a skilled professional with the financial skills and affordable housing experience necessary to be accountable to the 100,000 residents of District 4." … Read More

My Northwest
Voters Awarding Most Democracy Vouchers to Alex Pedersen

“I am earning the trust of the residents from Wedgwood to Wallingford to Eastlake by listening to them and gaining their confidence by demonstrating I am the only candidate with the direct experience and community connections to deliver the accountability they deserve."Read More